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Why Us ?


Modern buildings,Latest infrastructure,Highly experienced teachers,Various Add on courses We have an excellent STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES in Devanga Sangha group of institution
That offers a comprehensive support that facilitate and address the academic and non-academic needs of the students at each level of their college experience.

Orientation and Induction programme

We do have Orientation and Induction programme in the first two days of the academic year for all the new comers to the college that help students get accustomed to the new college environment.

Holistic Development

Our motto with holistic development is to make a student to be the best where in all disciplines. Prominence is laid on the student's ability to adapt to a changing world by providing inputs through numerous activities to integrate, refinement and human virtue. We encourage active participation in inter-collegiate management fest helps to develop their skills that facilitate for carrier growth.

Academic Review

We review their academic performance regularly with regular parent-teachers meetings. Students and parents are invited to these meetings to assess the performance of the student on individual basis, identify strengths and weaknesses and take appropriate measures in the preparation for the final Examination. Parents are encouraged to interact with the lecturers on a regular basis and monitor the performance of the student.

Career Counselling

We monitor every studentcontinuously andprovide appropriate guidance for their betterment. Career counselling service is available to help students plan their academic activities as well as their future. Wehelp the students recognize and enhance their talents/potentials through regular counselling. Experienced and knowledgeable faculty members are available to guide them to match their ability and skills with their interests, and to help make the right choice of the specialization subjects.

National Service Scheme

The motto of NSS is 'NOT Me But You'. This reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service and appreciation of the other person's point of view and also to show consideration for fellow human beings. DSGI encourages students to be volunteer in all social events.

Rewards & Scholarships

We identify the students with Deserving students with, immense potential and talent and support to overcome their financial difficulties through scholarships on a regular basis and even providing them opportunity to work for part time.

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